(75) Reunion at Dinant May 2015.

So there we were back at Dinant all spruced up and ready for the summer. Linda arrived for a few days and after a day of sightseeing and ‘doing’ the Citadelle (third time for me!) we headed upstream to Waulsort where we enjoyed several lovely walks.

SAM_9429More a hill climb than a walk!

Peter caught a huge carp while we were there, which was similar to the monster he eventually landed after three hours in our first season on the Bourgogne.

SAM_0007 (2)

32lb carp at Waulsort.

We filled up with water and with the weather far better than expected, we headed back down to Dinant and visited the Maison de Leffe (another third for me!) This time it was full of people and lots of children, all very noisy and unexpected. The young assistant was rushed off her feet as she dealt with admissions, explaining the interactive displays and tastings. In fact she was so busy that the usual choice was reduced to one large glass of whichever Leffe beer you wanted from a selection of nine!


Another beer?


Linda left at the weekend after a fun few days with lots of laughs and Peter and I relaxed and prepared for the SEG reunion the following Friday. We went for a beer at the restaurant that we had booked to confirm the arrangements and were presented with a lovely Salad  Nicoise which we enjoyed on the patio.

Late one evening at our mooring outside the Ibis, Peter caught another huge carp. it was so heavy it broke the landing net and became his best fish to date, not the heaviest but certainly the best. He was unable to weigh it properly as he had dropped the scales in the river whilst weighing the one at Waulsort, but he assures me it was over 40lb.

SAM_0014 (2)

Best carp to date, over 40lb.

Despite unexpectedly losing a shopping day on Ascension Thursday, we were fully ‘vitteled’ by the time everyone arrived for the weekend. As expected many arrived by motor cycle, but some by car or train. Seventeen people in all.

When asked by one of the group if there was anything we wanted brought over from England, Peter had replied ‘’Well a couple of packets of Jacobs Crackers and some Cheddar would be handy to tide us over till the end of the month.’’ As everyone arrived during Friday afternoon, it soon became obvious that he’d been set up, as each person in turn brought crackers and cheddar! The fridge was soon brimming with cheese and there was a year’s worth of crackers plus other goodies generously added.


No shortage of cheese and crackers!

We had a super weekend, with a bar and buffet lunches on board and two river trips downstream on the Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Several of the chaps took a turn at the wheel and everyone got a flavour of our lifestyle.


Having a steer.

On Saturday evening we all walked down to Leffe for a lovely meal at ‘The Confessional’ where Peter presented balls from the old SEG snooker table as mementos – several of the guys being singled out for extra ‘coloured prizes’ … alas the table, which had been with the Group since the 1950’s is no longer. Humorous stories abounded as the wine and beer flowed and everyone enjoyed the evening.


Peter ‘Green Ball’ Cane.

On Sunday morning we all assembled for a team photo with the motor cycles and Brian and Annie’s rather nice Caterham 7 – which Peter still thinks would fit very nicely on the front of the barge.

SAM_0012Boys and Toys.


Group photo.

All too soon our reunion was over, but we all agreed that it had been great fun. The only question on everyone’s lips was … when is the next one?

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