(30) Dad and Laura’s Visit 10-15 October 2011

Dad and Laura arrived on time early in the evening after a trouble free journey. We enjoyed a lovely warm evening catching up and, of course fishing!

Laura's fish

Just to wind Jon up !

After a quick shopping trip to the Polygone Shopping Centre in Beziers the following morning, I returned with some breakfast pastries. We intended cruising down to Agde later on and I decided to show Dad and Laura the flight of locks at Fonserannes. This was about twenty minutes walk away, but as we soon discovered, there was a strike and it was deserted.

Walking to Fonserannes.

Eerily quiet during a strike.

 Fortunately, the strike only seemed to affect the flight of locks and after turning the barge around in the port we were able to cruise to Villeneuve-les-Beziers. After lunch we tried to retrieve the Carte Bleue from the bank but it was shut- apparently open only by appointment in the afternoons!! We all enjoyed relaxing in the sun during the afternoon and had takeaway pizzas on deck in the evening and I broke a tooth on an olive stone!!

Heading for Villeneuve les Beziers. Laura, gets quickly back into the lifestyle !

The following morning, Peter and I arose bright and early, determined to get to the bank when it was actually open. Someone was just opening the door as we approached and on listening to my tale went to recover our card. To our amazed annoyance, she couldn’t find it in the back of the ATM and we left empty handed. We now had to phone our bank, cancel the card and order a new one and hoped we wouldn’t have a repeat of the problems of the previous year. I also dropped into the local police station in the vain hope that the card might have jumped back out of the ATM into the hands of a public spirited passer-by…………….It hadn’t!

We eventually left mid morning; stopping for a look at the interesting flood barrier where the River Lubron and another river meet the canal and then cruised on towards Vias for lunch.

Rivers versus canal.

I was glad we stopped to have a look at this, I couldn’t work it out before. It was built to cope with the two rivers flooding across the canal and needed because it’s all at sea level here.

It was very hot in the sun and it was hard to believe it was the middle of October. In the River Herault, the nearby skiff club was very busy and a fisherman sat at one end of ‘our’ mooring. However, we were soon able to moor up just slightly ahead and moved back later when he had gone.

That evening, Dad, Laura and I had a good old sing song below deck while Peter took refuge up top fishing.

Thursday was market day in Agde and we all enjoyed the walk to town and wandering amongst the stalls sampling the various foods on offer. We even bought some delicious if expensive Comte cheese along with some fruit and veg.

Agde market.

Agde bridge over the river Herault.

Down on the quay, we decided to try the floating restaurant at the far end, where Madame (touting for trade outside) assured us all the fish was freshly caught by her family. The food was very good, the waitress friendly and efficient and only the bumping of the pontoon against the quay gave us cause for concern. It was also the first sign that the weather might be changing at last.

Laura Ron meal out


The rest of the week was spent relaxing; fishing, reading, playing boules, eating and drinking. Peter also launched the dinghy for the first time this year and took Dad and Laura for a spin up the River Herault while I went shopping.

 Launching ‘Joey’

Nice to be back on a river.

Back to the boules competition !

Hanging around for the next trip !

boule Agde

Handy being moored next to a Bouledrome.

All too soon their visit was over and after watching the first half of the World Cup Rugby semi final between France and Wales; (Unjust result !) we walked to the station from where another shuttle took them back to Beziers Airport.

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