(1) Aurigny.

After many years dreaming of a barge and several years looking for the right one we bought ‘Aurigny’ in September 2009.

Formerly named ‘Captains Lady’ she was built in 2002 in Rebinsk based on the drawings and dimensions of a 1930’s Boot Luxemotor.

We set off from St Leger des Vignes in April 2010 and travelled through the Canal du Nivernais, The Canal de Bourgogne, the Saone, the Rhone, the Canal du Midi and the Canal de Garonne. After a couple of years in the south of France we returned north via Strasbourg and have spent two years in Belgium.

We’ve used facebook as a means of displaying our numerous pictures and keeping in touch with friends and family. Now we’ll give this a try as a means of describing the journey in a little more detail.

……by the way, my contributions to this blog will be in italic and sometimes gibberish ! Peter.

About Aurigny

Just a few words here about Aurigny and what we’ve learnt from our first experiences.

When we began looking in earnest I did spend a good deal of time browsing through other people’s blogs and learning about the desirable specifications, dimensions and capacities.

I searched for a barge with the biggest living space and the nicest looks that would take us to all of the places that we want to go.

Aurigny is first and foremost designed on a ‘Boot’ luxemotor and as a consequence has lovely lines. 24mtrs by 4.86 and with an air draft of 2.7mtrs. (with wheelhouse lowered)

She has plenty of usable deck space with wide walkways. A hydraulic bowthruster and car crane run directly off the 6 cylinder Ford diesel engine. She has a three cylinder Perkins generator and five 210 AH Lifeline batteries connected to a very good HP – Compact 2500 inverter/charger which makes everything 240V.

We have 4 x 250W solar panels linked in series to an 80A Outback MPPT controller. I may add more at some stage.

A floor mounted diesel central heating boiler running ten radiators throughout the barge as well as a wood burning stove in the saloon.


I highlight this because it is so important, we have nearly 7000ltrs of water, 6000ltrs of fuel and 2000ltrs of waste. This enables us to spend long periods without having to worry about topping up..particularly with water. Water and electrics seem to be in everybody’s thoughts when looking for a place to stop. With these capacities we have peace of mind and can fill with water where it is free. Not that I’m a cheap skate, I just begrudge paying beer prices for anything that hasn’t gone through the proper fermentation process with the resulting taste and effect !

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2 Responses to (1) Aurigny.

  1. V says:

    Saw you lock through at Salleles d’Aude on the Canal de la Jonction (between the Canal de la Robine and Canal du Midi) this morning 13 07 11 at about 1000. Beautiful boat! Cheers.

    • Thanks for that, sorry if I may have been a little occupied with the lock to talk. we’ll be back and forth in the next few weeks with family and friends then we’ll need to find a mooring for the winter.
      Regards Peter.

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